Motorworld Mallorca Venue

New Event Location in Mallorca

Motorworld Mallorca

Today, we visited the upcoming Motorworld Mallorca event location and museum,  which is set to open in October 2024. This new space will provide leisure and corporate events, focusing on the engine theme. The venue offers 53,000 square meters of multifunctional space dedicated to the world of mobility. It will include a museum dedicated to motorsports, shops, art galleries, restaurants, various spaces, and meeting rooms of different sizes. These meeting rooms can accommodate events of varying sizes, ranging from 25 to 1000 square meters. The venue Motorworld Mallorca will mainly host thematic events related to cars, rallies, and excursions in vintage cars around the island of Mallorca.

Motorworld Mallorca

There will be exhibits of classic and collector cars, sports cars & motorbikes.

Let’s wait until October 2024! while we will keep you updated with the latest news.



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