GO GREEN! Sustainable events on Mallorca

Elevate Your Events with Sustainable Elegance on the Enchanting Island of Mallorca

Welcome to a world where luxury meets sustainability – where your events not only leave lasting memories but also contribute to a greener, more conscious future. At Unics Event Agency, we specialize in crafting extraordinary green events on the picturesque island of Mallorca.

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Why Choose Green Events?

Eco-Friendly Venues: From stunning beachfront locations to rustic countryside retreats, we offer a range of venues that prioritize sustainability without compromising on style. Imagine celebrating under the stars with the gentle Mediterranean breeze as your backdrop.

Locally Sourced Delights: Indulge your guests with delectable cuisine made from locally sourced, organic ingredients. Our catering partners embrace a farm-to-table approach, ensuring a gastronomic experience that supports local communities and reduces your event’s carbon footprint.

Zero-Waste Planning: We are committed to minimizing waste at every stage of the event. Our meticulous planning includes eco-friendly decor, reusable tableware, and waste reduction strategies to create a celebration that’s as gentle on the environment as it is on the eyes.

Carbon-Neutral Transportation: Make a grand entrance without leaving a large carbon footprint. Our transportation options prioritize eco-friendly alternatives, ensuring that your guests arrive in style while minimizing the impact on Mallorca’s pristine environment.

Sustainable Décor and Design: Immerse your event in the beauty of nature with sustainable décor options. From recycled materials to locally sourced flora, we infuse your celebration with elements that reflect the island’s natural charm.

Our Commitment to Sustainability:

As professional event planners on Mallorca, we pay attention to the most environmentally friendly use of resources when organising the event. This includes:

  • Planning short transport routes between hotel/airport and event locations
  • Selection of modern suppliers, e.g. modern, environmentally friendly coaches
  • Offering environmentally friendly programmes such as sailing trips, outdoor sports activities, tree planting campaigns, etc.
  • Selection of local products in the catering sector – kilometre «0»
  • Social sustainability in the involvement of local providers such as fincas, winegrowers, guides, etc.
  • Responsible waste management in the event process.


Contact us for a customized offer!

At Unics Event Agency, we take pride in our dedication to sustainable practices. We work closely with our clients to create bespoke green events that align with their values. From small intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, we believe in the power of events to inspire positive change.

🌟 Let’s Create a Celebration That Leaves a Legacy!

Join us in redefining event experiences on the stunning island of Mallorca. Elevate your celebration with a touch of green luxury, leaving an impact that resonates with both your guests and the environment.

Contact us today to embark on a journey where elegance, luxury, and sustainability converge to create unforgettable memories. Together, let’s celebrate love, life, and the planet!

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