Geo Cache Rally

Outdoor Teambuilding activity, which works like a digital scavenger hunt

The group will be separated in teams whom will be handed over a tablet/I-Pad. The teams have to find different stations in the area by foot (geocaching) with the help of the tablets. At these points teams have to master activities like archery, kayak competition, orientation walk with a compass, creative painting stations, roping etc. .

We can organize the rally at different locations of Majorca at fincas, park or hotel sites or just among the Majorcan landscape.

Depending on the season and the sportiness of the participants we can change the content of the activities flexibly. (e.g. watersports intensive in summer, culinary with wine and olive oil tasting, mountaineering intensive etc.).


Majorca -Ibiza

Group Size

Min. 20 participants


All year


2-3 h



Moreover, this activity can easily be combined with other adventures like biking, sailing, hiking, rallies and other modules.

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