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Check the important Covid-19 information before travelling
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COVID-19 recommendations for travellers to Spain

Daily Pandemic Risk in the Balearic Islands. Check the COVID-19 Traffic light!

Spanish Government measures against COVID-19

Our Mice Tourism preventive COVID-19 measures. What we do to organize events in COVID-times

Are you travelling to Spain?

All people entering Spain from other countries, regardless of their nationality, age or any other consideration must fill in this FCS health control form and get a QR code.

You can get the QR code in 3 easy steps:

1. Fill in this form before you travel to Spain! Before the trip, fill in the health form and obtain your personal QR code from the mobile app or the website of the Ministry of Health. All passengers must fill out their form. Each form is personal and non-transferable and will be associated with a passenger and a specific trip. You can start filling out this form when you have your flight information. But you can only fill out the health questions and accept the form during the 48 hours prior to your arrival in Spain. When you validate the form you will get your QR code that is necessary to enter Spain. You can also bring this printed QR code or download the printed file to your mobile.

Find out all the information you need about the new health control process. This form will be available on the web portal Spain Travel Health.  Download the app to fill in the FCS health control form, from where you can easily obtain your travel QR.

Click to access the electronic Health Control Form to fly to Spain from any country Se abrirá en una ventana nueva.

2. At the airport in Spain, show the QR code of your trip at the health control. There are enabled readers at the arrival terminal of your destination airport. It is important that you follow the recommendations of the health authorities and the instructions of the airport staff.

3. During your stay, enjoy our country and follow the preventive recommendations against COVID-19.


COVID-19 Recommendations for Travelers

Covid-19 Travel Information Spain



If you are travelling, check with your airline before going to the airport and remember that the use of a face mask is mandatory in all public outdoor and indoor spaces if it is not possible to maintain the safety distance.

Follow the hygienic measures, maintain a safety distance of 1.5m from any other person and collect your luggage individually.


Spain Travel Health information

Click to access the Spain Travel Health Information site Se abrirá en una ventana nueva.

Check the daily pandemic Risk in the Balearic Islands

The entity Cercle d’Economía de Mallorca has created a traffic light indicator that shows the risks according to the number of new accumulated cases over a seven-day period, the reproductive rate, the positive test rate, the occupancy of intensive care units and the availability of health resources.


Covid-19 data in the Balearic Islands

Government measures against Covid-19

To access information on health measures related to the COVID-19 epidemic:


Consult official sources for


Health measures related to the COVID-19 in the Balearic Islands

Covid-19 in the Balearic Islands. You can check the following link for official information from the Government of the Balearic Islands

Click to access the Government of the Balearic Islands information site Se abrirá en una ventana nueva.

Unics Event Agency: MICE Tourism preventive measures against COVID-19

The Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality, together with the Secretary of State for Tourism, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, has drawn up specification guides for reducing the spread of the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus. The guides contain specifications of service, cleaning and disinfection, maintenance and risk management for the different sub-sectors of the tourism sector.

When we organize events, business trips and activities we follow the guidelines and recommendations of the official document that is already used as the UNE standard (UNE Specification 0066-19: 2020 on ‘MICE Tourism: design, execution and management of meetings, incentives, conferences, congresses, events and trade shows).

We design the events and activities so that they can be held in the most secure way for employees, participants, exhibitors and service providers.

Before the event

Client & service providers will be informed of the measures that must be implemented for the prevention of contagion by SARS-CoV-2.

During the Event

We communicate the recommendations and preventive and hygienic-sanitary measures that form part of the protocol of the organization to the participants, exhibitors (if applicable) and companies service providers.

Signage, graphics and awareness messages related to maintaining the safety distance is present in the event communication.

Safety first!

Minimize the COVID-Risk at your events on the Balearic Islands!

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