Motor Boat Challenge

With full speed along the cliffs of Mallorca! the motor boat challenge is a high class incentive product and covers all the needs for a demanding teambuilding activity!

The coast challenge can be seen as a real teamwork event how it has never been like this on the water – quite the contrary to other classic water sport activities like catamaran tours, jet ski or diving.

We usually split the group in teams of 8 people. Each team goes on a Zodiac boat with up to 250 PS which is controlled by a local and qualified skipper. Equipped with sea maps and compasses, the teams have to navigate the captain of their boat to remote beaches and small islands where different activities and challenges take place.

A selection of possible activities/checkpoints:

  • Teambuilding games
  • Creative tasks
  • Communication skills
  • Kayak races
  • Raft construction
  • Orienteering races
  • SUP

All places are monitored and evaluated by our guides.

Our Motor Boat Team Challenge is great team activity and a fascinating ride along the bay of Palma!


The activity takes place in the sea area of Palma’s bay.

Group Size

Min. 10 participants


May - October


4-6 h


The boats are moved on course instructions of the team. The skipper is only an executive officer and present for the safety of the boat and the crew.


Moreover, this activity can easily be combined with other adventures like biking, sailing, Stand up paddling, hiking and other modules.

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