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Covid shut down. Fun & Entertainment for families

Are you also at home because of the corona crisis and are you not sure what you can do? Then play our new Escape Room @ Home game! With this game you get through your own tablet or smartphone a real Escape Room at home! You play the game through our app, so you don’t have to leave the house. You will have 1 hour to escape for example from a farm, hotel, castle or large country house. You can play the Escape Room on your own, but also in teams of up to 5 people!

The Escape Rooms are made in such a way that you can play the game with your children. Very nice in these special times! An Escape Room is available for each age category with of course its own theme that suits their age. To find the exit you have to solve various riddles, complete (internet) searches and fun photos create video assignments. You will receive an instruction for each assignment with which you should be able to find the exit as quickly as possible.

After completing the booking, you will automatically receive the game explanation and your personal login details from the app. Then you can play the game whenever you want! With your unique login code can you play the Escape Room @ Home once, do you set a fast time? Do you want to give an Escape Room as a gift to your colleagues or customers? Please contact us at


To play at home

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Group Size

Play in teams of 1-5 people

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Start the game whenever you want

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Tablet or smartphone
Internet connection

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Playing time: max. 1 hour

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An Escape Room available for every age category

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Escape Room @ Home – Farm (3-6 yr)

Britt is 5 years old and lives on a farm. Britt has a rabbit called Bernie. Bernie secretly manages to leave the house every day, but Britt does not understand why. Do you want to help Britt find out where Bernie slips to the neighbours every time?


Escape Room @ Home – Castle (6-10 yr)

Charlie, Thomas and Mia live in an old castle. The castle is at a X-junction, but the street on which it is located is called The Fifth Road. There appears to be a secret exit in the castle that ends at the crossroads. Would you like to search for the secret exit together with Charlie, Thomas and Mia?


Escape Room @ Home – Country House (8-12 yr)

Elise and Michael live in the mountains with their grandfather in a country house, far from civilization. They prefer to go to their friends every day, but that is too far. If they want to go this can only be done by bicycle, but the key of the bicycle shed has disappeared. Would you like to help Elise and Michael find the key so they can get to their friends?


Escape Room @ Home – Hotel (12+)

Due to a heavy storm, the 5-star Casino Hotel is closed and no one is allowed to leave. You are there with your friends in Las Vegas and you really want to go outside. There is a rumor about a secret exit somewhere in the hotel. You will have one hour to crack codes and find out where this secret exit is located, good luck!


Escape Room @ Home – Manhattan (16+)

Mitchel and Erica Bush live on the 67th floor of a penthouse in New York. The tower is directly situated at Central Park, Manhattan. It is Sunday morning and they would like to enjoy the sun on the other side of the park. But there is a message on the elevator’s screen:

“Major power and telephone failure in Manhattan. We still run on emergency power for 1 hour, but this disrupts the elevator. You have 60 minutes to hack the elevator code in order to still reach the ground floor.”

Good luck!

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