Digital City Rally

Scavenger hunt of the 21st century. This is a competitive team building activity, we make use of the tablet’s, multifunctional lines of communication and its various electronic gadgets.

While regular geocaching works with just a simple GPS device, the Digital Challenge is a location-based game with a lot of special features played on a tablet.

The teams have to make decisions and set up a strategy to score points! You will explore the city on your own, master different tasks and find spectacular locations of cultural value. The teams have to solve riddles, take photos, answer questions etc. which pop up at specific geographic locations. We also include checkpoints with guides where sportive or creative tasks have to be realized.

The Digital Challenge can be customized (location, length or content) to your special needs and wishes.


Mallorca, Ibiza

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Group Size

From 15 participants

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2-3 h

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We also offer tailor-made games in outdoors and indoors locations. The tablet can be used on any place (with GPS’s signal) on the island as long as there is enough network connection available.

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Moreover, this activity can easily be combined with other adventures like biking, sailing, hiking, rallies and other modules.

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